What the What Wednesday

I'm going to try and make Wednesdays, "What the What Wednesdays" here on the old bloggedy blog. Basically, this feature is going to be the place to vent a frustration, annoyance, or other first world problem I'm dealing with. Shall we begin? 

What in the h-e double hockey sticks is up with the running/fitness/strength training obsession?  It seems like wherever I go the topic of exercise not only comes up, but monopolizes entire conversations. I literally want to scream when I see all the facebook shares, likes, etc. about the bloody gym/clean eating/weight loss/etc. I get it, we get it, you like to be fit, but do us a favor and SHUT UP already! I'm not sure exactly why this needs to be crammed down the throats of everyone around you: Are you looking for a pat on the back? Are you touting your physical superiority in an effort to make everyone else feel like crap? Do you just not have a life?  Are you searching to feel validated in some way? Whatever the reasoning...enough is ENOUGH.  

I am still working towards my own personal fitness goals, so before you think I'm just some scorned Fatty McFatty, let me just tell you that in the past 4 years I have lost over 160 pounds. Yes, you read that correctly. One hundred sixty! I was also pregnant for 20 months of that time, too. Do you know how many people know that about me? Well, aside from the internets now, I'd say only about 15. Ya know why? Because I have much more relevant and interesting things to talk about other than weight loss/exercise.  I am deeper than that, and there is so much more to me.  I promise you at the end of my life I won't be wishing I'd lifted heavier, eaten cleaner, or spent more time running.  If that is your life, then I am sad for you. You're missing out on the truly big things, and once you've reached your goals, please know that you will have also successfully alienated a lot of people in the process.  I hope you and your spectacular physique will be happy together.  So please tell me...is it just me experiencing this, or is it everywhere?

...so now I blog.

I've been asked several times recently whether or not I blog. I'm not exactly sure why this keeps entering into everyday conversation; perhaps people think I am interesting or have a unique point of view. I assure you, if they knew half of the random thoughts in my head at any given time, it would most likely send them running. However, I tend to think it's more than mere coincidence that I've been asked so many times about blogging, so I'm going to jump in feet first and hope that someone somewhere finds me relevant enough to pay attention to.